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{VIDEO} Semi-Permanent Brow Sculpting? YES PLEASE!!!

Microblading is the new hotness. This semipermanent brow sculpting is the answer to every girl with over plucked, sparse, uneven brows dreams. Less permanent than a tattoo but good for up to 2 years of brow appointments, microblading is taking the beauty world by storm.

You don’t have to worry about your brows washing off at the pool, and it actually looks like actual hairs  (a special pen-knife is used to “draw” feather strokes in the brow area). You can wave goodbye to your brow powder and/or pencil.

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The key is finding the right person to do your microblading – this process calls for formal education and art; make sure that the person you choose to do your microblading is an artist that has received some type of training, complete with  a certificate to prove it.

Recently we were granted exclusive access to record the process with Arizona’s premier brow and makeup artist, Acacia B. Brows.

Check out the video below:

We talk about embracing your natural beauty every day – and we believe that you deserve to look as beautiful as you feel…and if you can do that for 1-2 years at a time, that counts as a win in this book :-).

Don’t miss our second installment on microblading, find out the details about the healing process in this blog post.

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