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Mo’s Moisture Masters

Let’s face it: desert climate + hard water + textured hair = moisture challenges. The difficulty maintaining moisture in our hair comes with the territory (literally), and I’ve come across a lot of people that wanted to return to using chemicals to straighten their hair, purely out of frustration.

Dry hair leads to brittle hair which leads to breakage….and we simply can’t have that. I get LOTS of practice and experimentation time with finding products that help with this issue between Pumpkin’s hair and mine, and I want to share the products that I’ve discovered (so far) that go a long way to master the moisture problem.

A previous blog post talks about the moisture goodness of aloe vera juice/gel , these two products are definitely staples in our hair care regimen. My spray bottle contains water and aloe vera juice (kept in the fridge) and I frequently mix aloe vera gel with my other favorite product, JBCO to moisturize our hair while in protective styles.

In addition to daily maintenance, JBCO and the Strong Roots Hair Growth Oil are awesome as a prepoo/hot oil treatment for the hair and scalp.

I am all about experimenting with products for styling, but now that I have my holy grail moisturizing products I don’t see myself switching to anything else, at least not while AZ is my home of record:-)

So, have you found the products that help you master moisture? Are you still looking? What have you tried?

Let me know in the comments, let’s compare notes!

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