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Natural Beauty|| Frozen Water Face Treatment

Frozen water??? Yeah, we mean ice.

When do you typically put ice on your body? When something is swollen, right? The same concept applies on your face, and we’re seeing beauty and skin care “appliances” coming out that deliver the cooling, deputing, lifting and firming effects of ice for the cost of a week’s worth of frappe-latte-cinos.

The cool thing is, all you need is water and your freezer and you’re in there!

When/how can you use ice (or your handheld ice roller) on your skin?


  • after shaving to reduce redness
  • after getting sunburned to reduce discomfort and redness
  • reduce undereye puffiness
  • reduce swelling after a cosmetic procedure
  • tighten skin

Keep in mind that these effects are temporary, but if you’re not in the market for cosmetic surgery in the near future, this may be the option for you.

Do you already use cold therapy in your beauty regimen? Got one of those gel masks stashed in your fridge?


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