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Natural Hair Basics | Oil Rinsing Method

Welcome to our first installation of “Natural Hair Basics”, a blog series that will help a new naturalista, transitioner, or anybody that wants to get back to the basics of caring for their natural hair.

One of the number one challenges when building a healthy hair regimen is maintaining moisture. You’ve probably tried creams, potions, serums, mists and sprays….have you tried oils??

Natural hair and oil go together like PB and J, one without the other just isn’t quite right. Oils seal in moisture, provide slip and reduce knots and tangles and provide a protective coating to hair strands. When you include oil in your cleansing regimen you set yourself up for Hair Care Success.


So, let’s talk about the oil rinsing method:

The oil rinsing method is pretty much what it sounds like, rinsing your hair with oil. After you shampoo and condition, coat your hair with oil (it’s best to include at least one of the penetrating oils so your hair strands get nourished inside and out). Cover with a plastic cap for at least 15 minutes and rinse with cool water.

Note: The cool water forces your hair cuticles to close, locking in all of the benefits from the oil.

Oil rinsing helps your hair in several ways, including moisture retention (SCORE!), reduces frizz, adds a natural shine to the hair and makes detangling less of a catastrophe.

This method is perfect year round and can be done every time you shampoo. Try it! You’ll like it!