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Natural Hair || Fight Pesky Single Strand Knots

Fairy knots or single strand knots, whatever you call them, they’re irritating and SUPER annoying…. and pretty much come with the textured hair territory (sigh).


Here’s the BLUF (Bottom Line Up Front): there isn’t anything you can do to completely eliminate single strand knots, some hair just loves itself so much that it can’t resist wrapping itself around itself and forming a knot.

While they can’t be obliterated, you can fight pesky single strand knots. Here’s how:

– Go Heavy when Sealing. Using products like butters or heavy oils to seal the ends of your hair can help add an extra layer of smoothness that calms super curly hair so it doesn’t form a knot.

– Stretch. Stretched ends are less likely to wrap around themselves. Opt for rollers or the newly invented SSS plates to stretch hair without using heat.

– Get a Trim. Many naturalistas experience more single strand knots as their hair gets longer, meaning the ends are older and more likely to show wear and split. Trimming the scraggly ends of the hair will leave a smooth shaft that is less likely to knot. Click To Tweet

– Protective Styling. Reducing the amount of hair handling reduces the potential for knots to form, thus adopting a hands-off hair care regimen may be the way to go. Need some inspiration? Check out the 6-Month Protective Style Journey┬ácontent for tips to maintain healthy hair while it’s tucked away.

Are you a single strand knot sufferer? How do you adapt and overcome?? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter or tag us in your Instagram pic!


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