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Natural Hair || Mane by Malcrissa

We’re always on the lookout for professionals in the natural hair, beauty and fashion industries to let you know about. Imagine the excitement when we connected with a Sierra Vista hair stylist on Instagram and reached out to feature her!


Malcrissa C. is new to southern Arizona, and she has been making a splash in the local hair care market. Read on to learn more!


1. Are you natural? If so, how long has it been? Did you do a big chop or transition?

No, I am no longer natural, however, when I was I did do the big chop, I’m a black or white person, I don’t like the gray area, so basically I wanted to be totally natural from scalp to ends, no half and half!

2. How long have you been a hair stylist?

I have been in the industry for a little over 12 years

3. What percentage of your clients have textured/natural hair?

Since moving to Arizona, I would say more than fifty percent of my clients have been natural.

4. Do you have a specialty? What is it?

According to the Word “I CAN DO ALL THINGS (styles) THROUGH CHRIST” lol but seriously I am blessed to do a variety of style from blow outs, braids & twist and weaves!!

5. What’s your hair philosophy?

Wow!! This took a moment, because I have so many!! Primarily, to embrace what God has given you (don’t become your hair nor let it define you) But know that you have options to temporarily fix your appearance, but the true confidence starts in a place that a mirror can’t see, so let your hair become and compliment you!

6. What are your favorite products to use on client’s hair?

Shampoo & Conditioner : Kera Care Products,  Leave in: ITS A 10, Chi Oil
Styling: Design Essentials, Nairobi, Creme of Nature Argan Oil Edge Control

7. If you could change anything about local the hair care industry what would it be?

I am new to Sierra Vista, so I’m still learning the demands of the clients.

8. What advice would you give to someone looking for a stylist to care for their textured/natural hair?

Look at my profile (to see firsthand how I take care of my clients’ hair needs)

9. How can our readers contact you for services?

Via phone 520-606-5301, via social media Instagram/FB: @Manebymalcrissa


Welcome to Arizona, Malcrissa! We wish you nothing but hair styling success!!