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Natural Hair|| Six Tips for a Healthy Scalp

We’ve heard it a million times, healthy hair grows from a healthy scalp….the reason we keep hearing this is because it’s true. Growing a head of healthy hair doesn’t come from a jar, tube or bottle of the newest, best product on the shelf, it starts with healthy habits from the inside out.

Here are six tips to help you have a healthy scalp:

pretty african woman have fun with her curly hair1. Keep it clean – dirt, product buildup and skin cells actually inhibit hair growth. Cleansing your scalp regularly allows follicles to “breathe” and hair and grow unobstructed.

2. Massage – rubbing, kneading and applying pressure to the scalp warms the skin and allows the blood vessels to open, thus increasing blood flow to the hair follicles. This conditions the scalp, helps strengthen the roots and promotes growth.

3. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate – Drink water!!! A dehydrated body has dehydrated hair follicles. Just like a plant, ensure your body is hydrated so your roots can flourish.

4. Eat as much of the rainbow as you can – instead of relying on vitamins to provide the biotin, protein and iron to have a healthy scalp (and grow healthy hair), eat fruits and vegetables like cauliflower, avocado, beans, kale and broccoli to get be the healthiest version of you.

5. Get your heart pumping – Exercise that causes you to break a sweat gets your blood flowing, including to the scalp. (remember the massage benefits?) Exercise is a stress reliever as well….because stressed, lifeless hair is a no-no.

6. Tension-free hairstyles – traction alopecia is hair loss caused by excessive  tension being applied to the hair. Ensuring that your weaves, braids, and buns don’t hurt (that means they’re too tight), will allow your hair to grow with being damaged from tension.

If you want to have healthy hair, you gotta start at the root...literally. Click To Tweet These tips will definitely help you have a healthy scalp, grow healthy natural hair and be healthier all over.

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