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The Best Oil Mix for Long, Strong Natural Hair

natural hair oils

Hair grows an average of 6 inches per year. Many naturalistas don’t actually see that growth because their hair breaks off at a rate that is equal to or faster than the actual growth.

There are a lot of products that promise longer, stronger hair, but what if you could make your own product?? Oils are great for natural hair, and it’s easy to apply a little common sense when choosing what to use..

Check out the tutorial below for my DIY hair growth (and strengthening) blend:

If you’re ready to start making your own blend, here’s the list of what I used in the video (contains affiliate links) :

Amla oil

Neem oil

Jamaican Black Castor Oil

Wild Growth Hair Oil

This oil blend can be used as a prepoo, during your LOC, or as a scalp massage oil for your trouble spots. The key is, once you make it you have to actually USE IT consistently as a part of a healthy hair regimen.

Do you have a “Long, Strong Hair” blend? Let me know in the comments!