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Natural Hair || What to do About Heat Damage

Two of the most frightening words in a naturalista’s dictionary: heat damage.


Natural hair is VERY sensitive to anything that affects its moisture content, and in order for heat tools to straighten the hair they have to evaporate the moisture from the hair….somebody needs to invent the Super Steam Moisturizing Straightener for natural hair. Click To Tweet

If you read our post about what you can do to avoid heat damage AFTER you’d already applied heat to your hair without the protective measures (and now you believe you have some damaged hair) you have two options:


1. Do a protein treatment

2. Do a super-duper deep conditioning treatment

3. Get into a protective style to prevent further damage from styling and the environment (harsh weather)

4. Moisturize and seal regularly.

5. Leave the heat tools alone



1. Cut off the damaged hair.

2. See steps 1-5 of Option 1.


FACT: Heat damaged hair cannot be repaired. The steps in option 1 allow you to prevent further damage until you have reached a level of comfort where you can cut off the damaged hair.

Option 2 just gets you there much faster, so you can start building a healthy hair care regimen sooner :-).

Disclaimer: This is NOT an anti-heat post. The key to applying heat to your hair is to be responsible. Not sure where to begin? Check out this post.

Be Exclusively Inclusive!!