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Natural Living | How to Start Using Oil Everyday

Whether you’re a seasoned naturalista/naturalisto or new to the natural lifestyle, you know that oils are a holy grail product. What’s cool is you can incorporate oils into every aspect of your lifestyle, from head to toe, and see a healthier you all over.

Here’s how you can start using oil everyday:


Textured hair needs oils – that’s already been established. Use as a prepoo, scalp massage, deep treatment or daily conditioner/moisturizer


Contrary to popular belief, facial oils will not cause breakouts. These oils are typically lighter, less sticky and mimics the oils that are naturally produced by the skin. Dabbing (not rubbing) the oil onto your face after cleansing is best.


Got raggedy cuticles? Try massaging 1-2 drops of jojoba, sesame, or vitamin E oil into your cuticles before bed , after washing your hands or whenever you moisturize.


If you fancy a long, hot shower you’re sapping your skin of whatever is left of its natural oils…hot water is excellent at drying your skin out. Apply a light oil (sweet almond, coconut, sesame) all over your skin while you’re still wet and allow it to soak in before getting dressed. The oil traps the moisture in, eliminating the need for lotion or body cream after.


Are you a frequent oiler? Do you know someone who is? Has this post inspired you to include oil in your body/hair care regimen?