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Naturalista Feature: Heather, Curlkit CEO

Check out this Naturalista Feature introducing you to the woman behind Curlkit, Heather!

1. How long have you been natural? What inspired your decision to wear 
your natural texture?
I returned to my natural texture in 2002. My inspiration was based on my struggles with what beautiful hair was.  I finally found that I already had beautiful hair underneath the relaxed and straight styles I was wearing.
2. Do you think the growing popularity of naturally textured hair is a  trend? Why or why not?
The popularity of naturally textured hair has recently caught on to the mainstream beauty industry, but this is not a trend but more a coming to the realization of the diversity of all hair textures. Naturally textured hair was looked at or perceived as “unkempt” by mass media standards, but many women are now embracing a once unaccepted and excluded aspect in the ideals of beautiful hair. 
Heather, CEO of Curlkit
Heather, CEO of Curlkit
3. What is your go-to hairstyle?
 Right now as a mom of 2 boys under 3, my go-to style is a short tapered wash and go if there is a style for that, I just made it up based on my very busy schedule. 
4. Do you have staple products? What are they?
The first staple for my hair is water, drinking tons of it and using it on my hair. My key staple products are Conditioners that have great slippage and moistening agents and oils. I use refresher sprays to maintain moisture, and I add oils, specifically carrier oils like safflower and avocado to hair to seal in moisture when needed.  
5. Do you have a hair crush? If so, who is it? 
It is very hard to pick one person because my hair crush is everyone I see that walks taller and smiles wider because they are wearing their natural texture.  I love seeing women with short, long, curly, kinky coily, hair take selfies of their hair. I get so motivated by what they can do with their texture. It’s really hard to pick just one hair crush honestly. 
6. What advice would you give to a new naturalista or someone considering wearing their hair in its natural state? 
My advice to someone who considers wearing their natural texture is to first feel confident and accept what you have. I remember when I first wore my texture, I didn’t feel like part of the crowd, but I soon realised that I wasn’t part of the crowd because my hair stood out and made a statement. This gave me the confidence to wear my texture without the fear of judgment or criticism. 
7. Where can our readers find you online?
 I am on most social media channels, but to specifically connect with me and I am on Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook. I love reading and connecting with those in the natural textured community. 
Thank you for allowing us to feature you Heather!
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