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Never Run Out of Your Must-Have Beauty Products Again!

You’re getting ready for a big event, you reach over to grab your favorite mascara (you know, the one that makes your lashes look AMAZING…), after your signature three coats on the first eye, to your horror you realize that…’re out of lashy goodness ūüôĀ



Allow us to introduce the Stash app. This¬† app (currently available on iTunes)¬†is your “on-the-go beauty dashboard”, allowing you to scan the bar codes of all of your beauty faves to sync to¬†your phone. The app¬†monitors shopping patterns of your products and reminds you to replenish your stash before you run out.¬†Oh, it also¬†alerts you when items in your profile go on sale!

You can also shop from the app using its universal shopping cart, with products ranging from drugstore staples to high-end beauty counter items.

The social component of the app allows users to discover new favorites through beauty influencers, magazines and  beauty blogs.


So, what are you waiting for? The app is FREE!!!