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New to the Naturally Textured World? Here Are Your Ten Curly Commandments

Welcome to the CurlyWorld!! We’re glad to have you! To help ease your transition we’ve compiled your Ten Curly Commandments, these tips will go a long way to make this journey less stressful and more fun..ner.

Thou shall be patient with thyself and thy hair.

Thou shall condition.

Thou shall moisturize….daily.

Thou shall not covet thy curlfriend’s hair texture.

Thou shall not take the decision to return to naturally textured hair lightly.

Thou shall educate thyself about thy own hair.

Thou shall not judge curly sisters and brothers for their hair decisions.

Thou shall remember that thy hair is a blessing and should be treated as such.

Thou shall embrace the journey of self-discovery that begins with hair and leads to SO much more.

Thou shall find the joy in every single moment.

Remember these commandments, keep them handy :-). Oh, and share with a friend!