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What NOBODY Wants You to Know About Running an Online Store

If you’re thinking about starting an online store there are some things you need to know…especially if you want to sell physical products on your website.

The Confetti Collective online store officially opened in November 2013 and we’ve only sold physical products, soooo we want to give you a little peek into the real life of an online retailer. Here’s what nobody wants you to know:



Security, security, security – do shoppers feel secure enough to enter their payment information on your website? Do you the appropriate certificates and security settings? Do you offer legitimate payment options? If not, shoppers will be moving on…..

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Inventory, inventory, inventory – considering you sell/plan to sell physical products, inventory can be your BFF or your worst nightmare. You MUST make sure your website is up to date so you don’t end up with unhappy customers when you have to tell them you don’t have the product they just ordered.

You gotta be creative in order to get noticed – opening a brick & mortar store comes with a certain level of “automatic” awareness because people are naturally curious and chances are they’ll stop to check out the newest shop. The online space is much more crowded, so you’ll have to be intentional about building anticipation of your virtual grand opening.

Your website needs to be ON POINT – most of your customers won’t interact with you directly; your website could be the only contact they’ll have with your brand. Therefore, it’s important to make sure you have photos of your products, show how they’re used/worn and if possible, include testimonials from past customers.

Forecasting is difficult – no online retailer wants to have “sold out” on their website for too long. It’s one thing to be in demand, but you don’t want customers to lose interest if they keep coming back and the product they want isn’t available.

If you’re considering opening your own online store, this post isn’t to dissuade you. If anything, we want you to be armed with information so you’ll know EXACTLY what you’re getting into.

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