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Open Letter to a Southern Arizona Naturalista

Dear Curlfriend,

Southern Arizona Natural HairBeing a southern Arizona naturalista is challenging. The dry, arid climate coupled with hard water and  (until recently) a non-existent local resource base, (don’t even get me started on the the fact that it seems like national brands don’t know we exist….). Primpin’ ain’t easy in the desert….

From the moment I arrived in Sierra Vista I wanted to change that (everything except the weather, of course…). I’ve never been the kind of person to enter a situation/environment and not try to make it better.

2014 has been an AMAZING ride for The Confetti Collective and I’m truly grateful for every single reader, viewer, shopper and event guest. This platform could not be what it has grown to be without you. Thank you.

But, as my nature I want to do more in 2015. I want to make things better for all of us in Tucson, Sierra Vista and areas in between. I have a few plans of my own, but I want to hear from you. One of the things I’ve learned this year is that we have power, and when we can come together to display that power people take notice. Not only have we seen an increase in local support for our objectives, but national brands are paying attention as well. Let’s continue to let them know we’re here.

In addition to the online community we’ve created on the blog and our Youtube channel, a new (closed) Facebook group has been created just for southern Arizona naturalists to share, discuss and even rant about our journey to figuring out “this hair”. I’m in there every day and I want to hear from you; I invite you to join us.

I believe we are on the cusp of something wonderful in our area, get on this ride us!

Here’s to an even more awesome new year, XO!!