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3 Oils that Penetrate Natural Hair Strands

oils that penetrate natural hair

How many oils are in your hair care closet?

Simply put, textured hair NEEDS oil to keep to from drying and breaking off. Because of the curly, wavy, coily pattern of textured hair, the scalp’s natural sebum does not travel down the hair shaft as it does with straighter strands. So oil must be added to maintain hair health. The question is, which oils are “best”?

Like everything else, that depends…..

Particularly if you have high porosity hair (or even if you don’t), oils that penetrate the hair shaft are the best choice to treat and condition hair from the inside out.

The capacity of an oil to penetrate the hair depends on the amount triglyceride and short-chain fatty acids it contains, and the manner in which the triglycerides are arranged.

A study published in the Journal of Cosmetic Science about the penetration of oils into hair fibers yielded the following conclusion:

In general, saturated and monounsaturated oils penetrate into the hair because of a compact molecular structure and the polar head group of the triglyceride molecules.

Basically, the molecular structure of certain oils allow them to seep through hair strands. Which oils are we talking about here?

natural hair oils

Based on the oils used in this study, coconut, sunflower and extra virgin olive oil are shown to penetrate the hair strands.


However, a previous study yielded more about the awesomeness about coconut oil:

Specifically the beneficial effect of coconuot oil on the prevention of cuticular damage during combing, when used as a prewash conditioner (AKA Pre-Poo!), has been demonstrated previously by protein loss and water retention measurements.

So, the question remains, when are you going to get your tub of coconut oil?????




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