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My Porosity Changed, Now What??

There’s a lot of new words and acronyms that I learned when I went natural back in 2008…LOC, pre-poo and porosity, which is the hair’s ability to absorb moisture.

Natural hair THRIVES in moisture, so starting the journey with learning your hair’s porosity is vital.

I did the porosity test a few years ago and learned that I had high porosity hair. If you want to know what to look for to determine your own porosity,  you can check out this post. Two months ago I did a big chop, and I’m pretty sure that my porosity has changed.

I’m not a trichologist but I know my hair. Now what??

Watch this:

I’ll be sharing more about the changes that I’ve made in my regimen since my “discovery”. If there’s something in particular that you want to know more about let me know, we leave no curlfriend behind!


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