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My NUMBER ONE Problem with the LOC Method

Hey y’all, it’s Mo. I have one question for ya:

Do you LOC???

Most naturalistas have heard of the LOC method, which is an abbreviation for Liquid/Leave-in, Oil and Cream…it’s the go-to recommendation on forums, in groups and at meetups when dry hair is an issue.

Textured hair thrives in moisture, and this method is designed to capture and “lock in” the moisture after shampooing your hair so it doesn’t dry out and (potentially) break off.

Products are applied to the hair the ‘Leave-in/Liquid, Oil and Cream’ order after shampooing to ensure that the moisture is sealed into the hair for optimal health, shine and manageability.



Sounds good, right?? Well, this method doesn’t work for everybody…….

Here is my NUMBER ONE problem with the LOC method:

Product buildup! Depending on the type/texture (I have fine 4a/b hair) using a leave-in conditioner AND oil AND a cream styler is a recipe for weighed down, sticky, oversaturated hair.

What I do instead is LCO (leave-in, cream, oil) after shampooing, and I use the least amount of cream as possible. I also double up on leave-in conditioner, starting with a liquid (Alikay Naturals Lemongrass Leave-in is a fave) and following with a cream leave-in (Giovanni Direct Leave-in Weightless Moisture  Conditioner is my number 1).

I’m also pretty heavy handed with my oil since my hair coils up after I detangle, and the oils gives me a nice slip to help me separate my curls while I’m styling. I share my signature oil blend recipe in email #9 of the Protective Style Journey (still going on), you can sign up here to get the exclusive content.

The natural hair community is known for being supportive and providing information to help get through any difficulties you’re facing on your natural hair journey. The one thing to keep in mind that a process/product/method may work for some but may not work for all.

It is YOUR job to find what works for you and your hair.

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Don’t get discouraged when something doesn’t work the first time; get comfortable with experimenting and learning your hair, it’s a journey that will change your life for the better, trust me 🙂


To Your Beauty,