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Promote Hair Health with Herbal Rinses

What causes unhealthy hair?? Diet? Improper use of heat? Shampoo? Weather?

When our hair isn’t in its healthiest condition, there are several variables that can be the culprit. Fortunately there are relatively inexpensive, time-tested, ol’ school products/techniques available that can help treat damaged hair…and you may only need to look in your kitchen cupboards.


Think of an herbal rinse as “hair tea” because you literally steep herbs in hot water and pour over the hair (after it’s cooled, of course). Check out a few of our favorite herbs and their benefits:

Lavender – Rosemary: AKA “the sisters”, these two herbs offer the calming, moisturizing properties of lavender along with the scalp-stimulating, strengthening, antiseptic properties of rosemary. Check out this video tutorial to learn how to make your own sisters hair tea.

Sage: known for its cleansing properties, sage is a dandruff fighter and contains the minerals potassium and calcium, both valuable for promoting healthy hair.

Black Tea: Black tea is a tea for hair growth that helps to restore shine and color to your hair. Rinsing your hair with black tea helps to darken your hair and also give it luster. It can be used in cases where hairs are being damaged with shampoos that contain a lot of chemicals. Using black tea as a tea for hair growth helps to slow down hair fall and increase the quantity of your hair.

Black tea can help reduce hair shedding. Click To Tweet

Chamomile – Rose: chamomile is a scalp soother and helps prevent and/or eliminate dandruff. Rose is a super moisturizer, it softens and adds shine to the hair.

Peppermint: balances scalp pH, normalizes oil production and stimulates the scalp and promotes hair growth

Basil/Parsley: AKA “the OTHER sisters”, basil is an anti-inflammatory, moisturizer and growth stimulator. Parsley is an antioxidant, adds luster, moisturizes and also stimulates growth.


Most of these herbs are staples in cooking, which means you won’t have to look hard to find them, and don’t require spending extra money. (#winning!)

Do you use herbal rinses in your hair care regimen? Are you open to trying these on your next Shampoo day??