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Protective Style Files Vol. 3: Pumpkin’s Morning Moisture Regimen

What is your most prominent hair issue? For a lot of us, it’s moisture retention. The curls, coils and kinks of textured hair made it difficult for the scalp’s natural sebum to travel down the hair shaft. Pumpkin’s hair is no different. She has coarse, 4C, very coily type hair, and since we only do protective styles (I can’t do the hair combing fight before school every morning), I have to make sure that her hair gets moisturized almost daily.



Vol. 1 showed Pumpkin’s shampoo and style regimen, and I’m now going to share what I do to keep her hair and scalp moisturized while in her protective style. She sleeps on a satin pillowcase without a bonnet or scarf so we don’t have to worry friction between her hair and cotton while she’s sleeping (unless she pushes the pillow out of the bed during the night, that’s another story….).



This process usually takes no more than 5 minutes to do, so it’s very convenient for school mornings. I squirt a glob of aloe vera gel into my palm, top it with some of my oil mixture  and rub my hands together to warm and mix the two together.




I then apply the mix to her braids, if she has a bang or any exposed ends I do those parts first and work all over her head, getting every braid. Her hair literally comes to life once the mix has been worked through. It has sheen and her ends look juicy and coily.


Once we get into week 2 of her style her hair starts to “crawl” out of the cornrows so she wears a satin scarf for about 10 minutes after I moisturize to lay the hair back down. The below pics are 10 days into the style.

Vol.5 is going to show her nighttime moisture regimen, and it’s not at all labor-intensive or time consuming. I believe that a protective style isn’t worth anything if the hair isn’t properly cared for during the process. I hope this journey is inspiring you to “keep hope alive” and enjoy your textured hair. If you have a curly cutie at home, tell us how you maintain their hair, and make sure you include a pic 🙂

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