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Protective Style Files Vol. 4: Maintain Moisturized Ends While You Sleep

Throughout the course of my hair experience I have used what I’ve learned to not only help my hair be the healthiest it can be, but my Pumpkin’s hair benefits as well. Her recent protective style is nearing the end of its course, and I want to share how I keep her ends moist when she has ends that aren’t tucked in.

Let’s face it, the whole moisture thing will always be an issue for those of us with curly-kinky-coily hair that live in the desert. I don’t think there is anything too difficult when it comes to keeping our hair healthy, and this particular process is fun for Pumpkin because she gets to cut stuff up.

Adding oil directly to the ends of hair can sometimes lead to a greasy head or neck if done before leaving the house. So, I moisturize Pumpkin’s ends at night before she goes to bed instead. Before she turns in for the night she cuts the corners off 1-2 plastic sandwich bags while I lightly mist her ends. Holding the corner piece as a “cup” I squirt a small amount of my oil mix inside. Grabbing 4-5 of her loose braids, I stick the ends inside the bag, making sure that each one gets into the oil. I wrap the bag corner around her hair and secure with a rubber band.


The number of bag corners we use depends on her style and how many ends need to be bagged. They have never come off during the night, and in the morning her ends look like they’re freshly done, without feeling oily and weighed down. This is the go-to method anytime she has exposed ends, whether its braids or twists.  I also use this method on my hair when rocking a high bun, just cover the bun with a bag and secure.

With the ends being the oldest part of the hair, they are extremely important to length retention. Keeping them moisturized prevents them from breaking off, particularly during a protective style takedown.

Coming Up: The Takedown…….

When wearing styles that leave your ends exposed, how do your keep your ends moist? Share your tactics/tips/tricks in the comments!