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Protective Style Files Vol. 5: Daily Braid Refresher


It’s been  a few weeks since my braids were installed (time flies when wearing a protective style), and I wanted to share my process for refreshing my hair and scalp with the braids in.



I like to think of our hair as a plant that needs water regularly. Considering our dry climate, regularly equals daily. I keep my moisture mix in the fridge, and it contains aloe vera juice, coconut oil and a few drops of rosemary essential oil.


Practically every morning, and some nights depending on how my hair feels, I mist my braids with my moisture mix. After I’m sure that I’ve gotten them all I apply my oil mix (coconut oil, olive oil and JBCO) to the sections of braids, starting from scalp down almost to the ends.


After doing all of my braids I proceed to style for the day, or wrap them up for bed. Yes, it’s possible to wrap waist length braids up into a scarf…


Wrapped for Bed
Styled for the Day


These may stay in for another three weeks or so, I’m pretty excited about my next style. Vol. 6 is the final post on Pumpkin’s regimen, we’re going to show the takedown process of her 2-week protective style.

Are you rocking a protective style right now? Planning for the warm weather? Let me know in the comments!

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