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Protective Style Files Vol. 6: “Washing” Hair with Braids

Early on in my hair journey, I read somewhere that shampoo is for the scalp, conditioner is for the hair. I know that this shatters a lot of long-held theories about washing hair, but it’s true. Healthy hair grows from a clean scalp. This makes the old challenge of a cleansing regimen while wearing braids a non-issue.

I usually don’t wash my scalp for the first two week of wearing braids unless I’m in the middle of an extreme workout regimen and I’m sweating daily. After that first two weeks it’s time to clean my scalp, and here’s what I use:20140404-092447.jpg


I do an ACV cleanse, mixing one part ACV with three parts water. I saturate my scalp and massage to loosen and lift up and debris, squirt more of the ACV mix and massage, continuing until all of the mixt has been used. I then fill the same bottle with water and rinse my scalp.

For my final rinse I have two black tea bags steeped and cooled, and pour that over my scalp and roots. I could pour all over the braids, but the hair would get very heavy once it’s soaking wet. Instead I pour some of the tea into a spray bottle and lightly spray down the shaft of the braids.

I then seal with my oil mix, and Voila!



Thanks to Stacy Smith Photography for the photo!!!