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Protective Style Files Vol. 7: Marley Crochet Braids

Okay, INHMD is over and Mz. Jackson is being tucked away again. I wanted something funky, something that I hadn’t done before,  something that exudes “summer fun” and I settled on crochet braids. I missed the days of rocking my bob sew-in while I was transitioning, so I decided on short, off the neck hair.

I am in love with Marley hair because of its versatility and re-usability so naturally I decided to use it for my crochet install.

After cowashing and allowing may hair to air dry, I finger parted my hair in the middle, did two braids down the sides and five going back. The five joined into one braid across the back. I don’t care much about straight parts when they’ll be covered anyway.crochet4updated


I used what amounted to be two packs of hair because I cut the strands in half since I was going for a short style.   I installed the hair using my trusted  latch hook needle, and it took about 3 hours.

After some strategic cutting, I did 5 chunky braids and dipped them in hot water, and let the braids dry for about 45 minutes and took them down.








The first week or so I slept with a satin cap on, I didn’t rebraid until almost two weeks later.

Next day hair
Ten days later
Ten days later








I realized that I’d missed my bob, I’ll definitely be doing this again.

If you’re rocking a protective style this summer, shoot me a pic, or tag me on Instagram. I’d love to see it.




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