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Scrap Fabrics to the Rescue!

Hey Ladies!
So, as I was getting ready to go out last weekend I just couldn’t seem to find the perfect top or skirt or dress or ANYTHING for that matter! It was either too deep in the clean laundry pile or awaiting a day at the laundromat. Needless to say I was discouraged…UNTIL I remembered I had a bag of fabrics I paid a WHOLE $1 for a few weeks ago. Then it came to me! Just wear the scrap fabric duh!
Some good pop of color, funky fabric and an open mind will save your wardrobe every single time! I found the fabric I wanted to wear and found a little belt to secure it. Took it in the middle and draped over my neck like a tie. Used the belt to secure and scrunch the remaining fabric to create a faux peplum effect in the front! I settled for one of the accent colors of the fabric and remembered I had a skirt that would compliment the busyness of the material perfectly. For the shoes I knew I had to keep it really simple since the top was doing aaaalll of the work.
WAM! BAM! THANK YOU MA’AM and was out the door!
This look was all business in the front and PARTAY in the back! So the next time you get in a fizzle about what to wear, just look to your old scrap fabrics for some inspiration! I guarantee you will never look to rock a regular blouse the same way again!
Be sure to try this out for your 4th of July festivities this weekend and tag me so I can see your amazing looks! Remember ladies, always look to recreate, restyle, and repurpose your wardrobe to keep it fresh and fun!
Can’t wait to see what you come up with!
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