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Seven Petroleum Jelly Beauty Hacks

It’s the ointment of the gods….well, not really but it’s definitely a multipurpose product 🙂

Petroleum jelly is arguably one of the most versatile products around. Literally from head to toe, this wonderful gem needs to be in every vanity, because it’s just that awesome.


1.Hand and Foot Softener – Apply a generous amount to hands and feet before bed, put on white gloves and cotton socks and reveal softer skin in the morning

2. Perfume Extender – Rub a small amount of petroleum jelly wherever you apply perfume to make the scent last longer.

3. Nail Polish Saver – Apply to the rim of your nail polish bottles to prevent the top from getting stuck (which really sucks when no other color will do…)

4. Perfect Mani – Apply to cuticles before polishing your nails to achieve the perfect non-messy manicure, especially when using your non-dominant hand

5. Brow Tamer – All out of brow gel? Tame unruly hairs with a dab and your brow brush

6. Crow’s Feet Fighter- Dab (just a little will do!) around the eyes before bed fights crow’s feet and wrinkles

7. Lash Definer – Ever have one of those days where you just don’t feel like putting on makeup? Apply petroleum jelly to your lashes with a cotton swab to give them a shiny, thicker appearance….no mascara required.

What are you waiting for? Go get your tub of petroleum jelly!!!!!