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Shrinkage….Battle or Blessing??

One would be hard pressed to find a person with textured hair that does not their own personal shrinkage “war stories”. We’ve all had those days when our hair is on its best behavior, it’s LAID to the max, we step into a space with the slightest amount of moisture in the air and what happens? Shrinkage………..

What is it exactly? Shrinkage is the hair’s tendency to “draw up” making it look shorter than it really is. Most textured hair types are affected by shrinkage, some more than others. Tighter curls, coils and kinks tend to shrink more than looser curl types.



Why do we have it? What purpose does it serve? (in the “I’m annoyed’ voice) Shrinkage is elasticity; if your curls bounce back it is an indication that your strands are healthy. The truth is, if you have textured hair of any type, shrinkage is part of the package.


If your shrinkage has you down, there are styling techniques that you can do to stretch your hair, including banding, blow drying, flat twisting, cornrows or even henna, which has a loosening effect on natural curls.

Whether you embrace your shrinkage or are a fan of stretched styles, maintaining the health of your hair is essential.

Just don’t lose hope 🙂