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Sultry Summer Fashion Show ReCap!

Hello All!!!!
Welcome to August! It’s my birthday month and I am oh so glad about it! *dancing*



On July 31st I was blessed with the opportunity to showcase my skills alongside a talented roster go clothing and jewelry designers!


When I was contemplating my participation I thought it was out of my league, but I STEPPED UP to the challenge and GREATNESS happened!

It took me about two weeks and some change to prepare for this show. It was hectic, confusing, frustrating, yet exciting at the same time. I was fumbling and creating up until the day of the show.

My hope was to bring life to some Tee Dresses as well as combining some pieces that I had in inventory. Once the smoke cleared and time winded down I was able to witness some really awesome pieces rock the runway!

[box_title ]Check out a few shots from the show:[/box_title]


I was very grateful that it was well received and that everyone had a great time. I look forward to the next opportunity to challenge myself and my creative skills!
For my next blog post I’ll be expounding on the tee dress and how YOU can make your very own at home! So don’t toss those tees! They wiill upgrade your wardrobe tremendously!!



Until next time America,