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Super-Charging your Shea Butter for Winter

Shea butter is a textured hair-haver, dry skin sufferer’s dream. It comes from the nuts of the Karite tree in Africa. In its natural form it is sold as raw or unrefined shea butter, and is often seen in white or a yellow color (the butter color depends on the nut from which it comes or the length of the extraction process). Shea butter contains Vitamin E, which is known for  reducing wrinkles and stretch marks, age marks and diminishing skin discoloration.

For those that live in exceptionally dry climates, or to prepare the skin for harshly cold weather, consider ramping up the effects of your shea butter with a few extras. Here’s what I do:

Slowly melt your shea butter in the microwave or in a double boiler.

Add your selected oils. I use jojoba and vitamin E.

Add vegetable glycerin (not ideal for the hair in dry weather, but is wonderful mixed with a skin moisturizer).



Stir some more.

I understand that I could use a hand mixer, but I’m working on my biceps 😉

Shea butter mixture







If you’re finding that the harsh, cold, dry air is making your shea butter work extra hard, give this a try and let us know how it works for you!


And remember, Be Exclusively Inclusive!