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Teen Fashion Files: The “No Money” Summer-Fall Transition

Hey yall, Mo here. A few days ago I had the  opportunity to spend a few hours with a teenager! It’s not often than I have access to a teen-type person that responds with more than  one-word answers. This young lady can talk fashion for hours, so she has undoubtedly become our new BFF under 20 🙂

Nicky H. , AKA @cheshirecat_cheshiresmiles on IG, is an artist and takes the term “fashion follower” to a completely different level, as she’ll be attending the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM to those in the know…) in October!!!

Soooooo, I simply HAD to have Nicky rep her age group by creating a few looks to take any fly and fabulous young lady through these last few days of warm weather and into fall.

Check out what she put together:


As you can see, Nicky used a few pieces that can translate into several different looks. She also pulled items from her mother’s closet (vintage score!), so she spent a total of ZERO DOLLARS on these looks.

We’re over the moon excited to have Nicky’s perspective on teen fashion and we wish her an insane amount of success in Los Angeles, we can’t wait to see her creations!!!!!

Do you have that one fabulous summer piece that you’re planning to rock this fall? Let us know on our Facebook page or tag us on Instagram!!

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