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Texture Talk: Protective Style Files

Hey yall, it’s Mo.

I’ve been ruminating about our most recent event, Let’s Talk about TEXture:A Curly Conversation, and the discussion was so rich and lively that I wanted to share a little bit more about my personal challenges and adventures, until we meet again, that is 😉

One of the topics that came up during the event was the use of protective styling to maintain a healthy head of hair. We discussed what a protective style is and how tucking our hair away with very little manipulation works for many people (including me, considering I have fine hair).

I also talked about how I maintain my daughter’s hair through the exclusive use of protective styling. I’ve received several questions since the event and they have inspired the upcoming blog series that I’m calling the Protective Style Files (Mo and Pumpkin Edition).

I’ll be sharing my daughter’s hair regimen, including cleansing and moisture retention and my protective style maintenance regimen. This is going to be exciting for me, but I’m pretty anxious about it because I’ll be sharing more about myself which makes me a little uncomfortable (I believe I may have been a monk in my former life…I enjoy solitude very much).

Anyhoo, keep in touch, send me your questions/pics/tips via the Facebook page and keep your eyes peeled for Vol. 1 of Protective Style Files.

Be Exclusively Inclusive!


P.S. If you have a friend/co-worker/relative that you think can benefit from what we share here, don’t keep it to yourself, sharing is caring 🙂

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