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The Beginner’s Guide to Using a Hair Steamer

If you’ve been a diehard cap-and-dryer deep conditioner-er, you may be missing an opportunity to have healthy, strong, moisturized hair.

Steaming your hair provides a super boost to your deep conditioning sessions, BUT is very effective with only water. Dry, parched hair needs moisture (you drink water when you’re thirsty, right?) and steaming infuses your strands with exactly what it needs.



The warm steam opens your hair cuticles, allowing moisture, oils and whatever conditioner you’re using to reach the innermost layers of your hair.¬†You’ll want to make sure your steaming session isn’t wasted by sealing the hydration in with oil. Read this post about the L.O.C method.

You can use your fave conditioner with your hair steamer, BUT it's very effective with water only. Click To Tweet

Depending on your hair’s needs, use a water-based moisture conditioner or your favorite protein conditioner to boost the moist heat provided by your steamer.

One thing to remember: if you live in an area with hard water, it’s best to use distilled water in your steamer; otherwise you’ll be giving those pesky mineral deposits a free ride to penetrate your hair, not to mention risking clogging your steamer and reducing its effectiveness.

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