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THE Five Biggest Natural Hair Blunders

Curls, kinks and coils, oh my! Natural hair is truly amazing. So amazing that people of other races and ethnicities are styling their hair to match natural hair texture. Even with all of this fabulousness and admiration, there is still room for error. Check out the five biggest natural hair blunders, and arm yourself with information:


Chasing Length over Health – isn’t the reason most women begin their natural hair journeys is to have healthier hair?? Wanting long hair is definitely not wrong, BUT to hold on to split ends just to have BSL hair is nonsense. Healthy hair grows!

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Getting Caught up in Hair Typing – okay, the hair typing chart can help you when you’re starting out on your natural hair journey, BUT building a healthy regimen is “rooted” in more than curl pattern. Characteristics like porosity, density (ponytail test), strand thickness (fine, medium, coarse).

Forgetting that Good Hair Starts Within – what you put into your body has a direct effect on what comes out (literally), including your hair. A healthy diet, proper hydration and moderate exercise promote healthy hair growth.

Forgetting that “Primpin’ Ain’t Easy” – for many naturalistas their hair has been chemically treated longer than it’s been natural, lending to a pretty steep learning curve initially. Just because you watch YouTube tutorials during every second of your spare time, your hair is YOUR hair…you have to invest the time to learn what works and what doesn’t. Once you know that your fave deep conditioning mask gives you the BOMB definition for your twistout, you can primp all day, baby…….

Turning a Protective Style into a “Neglective” Style – just because your hair is tucked away in braids, a sewin or twists for an extended period of time, this doesn’t mean you can skip your hair care regimen. You still have to care for your hair while it’s protected, otherwise it will be in worse condition when you take down your style. Get access to all kinds of goodness when you sign up for the 6-Month Protective Style Journey here.

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