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The REAL Story Behind BYOB…..

Listen up, I’ve got a story to tell….

A lot of people have asked how BYOB came to be, most recently was during the interview for this magazine feature. It dawned on me recently that I’ve never actually shared this story on the blog. I’ve told it to people that have asked and I know I’ve mentioned it on Periscope, but it hasn’t been formally told here.

Let’s fix that.


Picture it, Sierra Vista, AZ, 2014….I’d been writing blog articles about natural hair for a few months, sharing the content with women that I met in the grocery store, Target, etc. In January I decided to host an event, which isn’t a stretch for me since  I’ve owned an event planning business for several years at the time. My intention was to use this event as a launch for The Confetti Collective, I was selling my favorite naturalista regimen builders: shea butter, black soap, JBCO, the regulars.

But I knew I wouldn’t be doing that forever; I wasn’t going to be tied to companies that had control over my profit potential. (as a business owner I understand WHY they do it, I just didn’t want to build my own business this way) Once I’d made the decision to turn the blog into a legitimate business I knew I needed a product to sell, and I wanted that product to be my creation.

So I got busy drafting ideas……

Considering I rep #teamnatural proudly, and I’m raising a mini-naturalista (you can check out her swag here), whatever I created had to be something that we could participate in/use together, it was and still is important to me that she see and know that she can do anything by watching me.

I remember sitting at my desk one Sunday afternoon, supposed to be doing homework (I was in graduate school at the time), and BYOB just popped into my head. I thought, “What?”

But it wouldn’t leave me…I started scribbling down potential (brand-appropriate) meanings, and “Be Your Own Beautiful” fell out of my mouth. Once I accepted that THIS WAS IT, I knew that I had to make THIS look unapologetically feminine, it had to be something that every woman could relate to, something that just oozed femaleness.

Classic. Red. Lip.

Regardless of the ultimate design, the message is so powerful that I knew I had to get it out there. What woman doesn’t want to feel beautiful??? These days this conversation of beauty comes up all the time, even when I actually sit down to watch one of my favorite TV shows, read all about it here.

I wanted so badly for this thing to come exclusively from me that I tried my hand at the design. I found something I liked and rolled with it.

After 3 print shops and 4 different shirt styles the dolman sleeve top was introduced to the world. Over the past two years the red lippie has evolved into animal print, glitter and I definitely wasn’t going to leave my sisters in arms out of the picture, the camo style was added to the shop.

So I know you’re wondering: what’s next.

Wellllll, I have been working on a few things, maybe a tweak here or there…who knows 🙂

To Taking Care of Business,



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