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Tips for Creating your Vision Board

A vision board is also known as a dream board, creativity collage or goal map.

Whatever the name, it is a collection of images that evoke something — a feeling or a yearning.  It is designed to provide clarity to your objectives and keep your attention on your goal-driven intentions regularly.

Rather than making statement goals like, “I want to live better”, “I want to get healthy” or “I want a dog”, the vision board helps you to drill down to those core desires, and have a visual representation of what those goals actually look like.

Ever heard the phrase, “As a man thinketh, so is he? Well, your vision board is the boost you need to direct your thoughts toward those goals that you want to achieve.

Here are a few tips for creating your vision board:

VB2Get clear. Before the first magazine page is ripped, take a moment to execute a mind dump and allow yourself to get clear about what you want for your life and what is currently preventing you from succeeding.

Make note of your reaction. As you search for images that relate to your vision, pay attention to your subconscious responses to what you see. Collect every picture that gets you excited or makes you nervous.

Embrace your uniqueness.  Your vision board doesn’t need to look like your neighbor; your vision is unique to you. Arrange your images, drawings, accessories in any what you like according to your goals.

Don’t hide your vision. Place your vision board in an area that you visit daily to help keep those goals in that prime front of the mind conscious headspace that holds your routine errands and tasks…you know, those things that you couldn’t forget if you tried 😉

Expect change. You have just created a living document that represents your vision; expect and anticipate that it will change. Update your board as you achieve your goals…. and just keep swimming :-).


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