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Top 4 Ways to Prep Your Hair for Fall

Summer is on its way out, it’s time for a hair care overhaul, don’t you think??

For most of us, spring cleaning is a regular occurrence every year, so why not add the same concept to your hair care? Preparing your hair for a change in season helps you avoid those pesky hiccups and fails during those first few weeks of the environmental change.


Keep reading for the top 4 ways to prep your hair for fall:

Clarify/Detox to remove the residue from summer styling products, make your own natural hair cleanse or mask using bentonite clay mixed with apple cider vinegar or water. The clay is a natural “sponge” that absorbs impurities  from the hair  and scalp.

Add Protein – Strong hair is healthy hair, right? You can go with a store-bought protein treatment, or use DIY alternatives like henna, egg, yogurt or avocado to strengthen your strands.

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Boost Moisture – Cooler, dryer weather is coming, so boosting the moisture levels in your hair combats the effects of your environment on your hair. Incorporate deep conditioning at least every other shampoo and add moisture as needed during the length of your style.

Trim – It’s always a good thing to start your fall hair care regimen with fresh, clean ends. Trimming your split ends not only gives you a cleaner look for your hairstyles, but it’s a healthy hair care practice because you’re getting rid of the old, scraggly hair….who wants to hold on to that???

With these tips you’ll be sure to have many days of curlicious fabulousness! If you need more tips to have your best hair ever, grab your copy of the “Top 10 DIY Recipes for Healthy Hair“, it’s FREE!

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