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Transformative Yoga to Transform You

by Cassandra Tucker

The changing of the seasons is a beautiful, picturesque time. Nothing is prettier than when the leaves change color and the air becomes crisp – and I just adore putting my fall boot collection to use. It’s time to take some inspiration from the changing scenery and make an inner change! Now is the time to start a yoga practice and ignite personal change as the world transitions around you.

As the plants prepare to enter the cycle of being reborn when spring arrives, beginning a yoga practice can renew and replenish your mind, body, and spirit. You can purchase a yoga mat for around ten bucks at your local department store, and all you need is a little bit of space to lay it out within your home.


The best place to start with a yoga routine is YouTube – it is filled with yoga routines for every occasion such as waking up, a better night’s sleep, flexibility, weight loss, as well as beginner tutorials. You don’t need a huge chunk of time to dedicate to yoga, a five minute practice will suffice – whatever works for you. As long as each during each pose and breath you feel your tension fading and your mind clearing you are doing it right! Let your practice invigorate your body and ease your mind.

During this time of year you’ve packed up your summer clothes to prepare for colder temperatures, so why not transform your mental, physical, and spiritual wellness with your wardrobe?

You don’t have to be a spiritual guru to practice yoga – all you need is a bit of time, space, and desire for inner peace. As the leaves change to hues of yellow, orange, and red, immerse yourself in a session of vinyasa, coordinating your breath to the changing poses. No matter what type of yoga you find the most enjoyable, make sure you let your practice change your mental outlook on life and bring you to a place of tranquility. As the summer transitions into the fall, let a yoga practice spark a personal change in you.

As you add layers to your outfits be sure to peel away layers of your self-doubt and become a new and confident you!