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Transition Summer Fashion into Fall

Fall is here! The slight chill in the air is enough to bring a spring in your step as you walk down the street. The excitement is real, but is it really time to bring out the scarves and coats?

The transition from summer to fall can be confusing and even downright irritating to some, especially when it comes to dressing up for a particular occasion. The struggle of finding an outfit that is cozy yet doesn’t cause you to sweat bullets underneath is painfully real.


But fear not! All is definitely not lost. Just because Mother Nature decided to drop the temperature a notch doesn’t mean that you have to pack all your summer dresses away. Nor does it require an expensive trip to the mall. With just a little effort, you can revamp your entire wardrobe with outfit innovations that will keep all your friends guessing.

Summer Dresses & Tights

Summer dresses are considered to be the hallmark of the summer season; however, they carry enough potential to be worn during the fall. In order to maintain comfort with style, though, it is best you pair your summer dress with a pair of opaque tights. This will protect you from the chill as well as create a whole new look!

Bring Back the Beach Bag

Who said beach bags only look good on the beach? Just like any summer attire, this accessory has the ability to add that necessary ‘pizzazz’ to any look. Just use it as an everyday bag along with your fall outfit to up the cool factor.

Save the Sandals

Fall season is the perfect time to stretch the use of certain summer fashion accessories simply because the temperature is ‘just right’ for you to do so. Those sandals that carried you through the sweatiest of days can still be in the spotlight for a little while longer. Not only will they keep you cool, but they will also provide a little balance to your fall outfit.

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Color Me Fall

Apart from the change in weather, the emergence of fall season’s signature colors including red, rust, orange and yellow are what make it so charming. All the more reason to integrate such hues into your wardrobe! The key is to have one element of your outfit stand out. It can either be a beautiful mustard-yellow lace-embossed skirt paired with a silk white blouse or a bright red jacket on top of a black ensemble. 

Leather it Up!

Fall is a good time to bring out leather accessories and attire for the simple reason that they become bearable enough to wear! A leather jacket over jeans can give you a sensational fall outfit with minimal effort while ankle booties can add class to any look. Pair these with earthy make-up tones (burgundy lip color, chocolate brown eye shadow and charcoal nail polish) and you are bound to make heads turn.

So there you have it! Your guide on the best way to transition from summer to fall fashion with minimal time and money spent. Time for you to slay this fall season!