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{VIDEO} How to Shampoo Your Hair with Crochet Braids

Vixen, invisible part, Havana, pretwisted, kinky curly, etc…as a fan of protective styling, you KNOW crochet braids are a definite style staple.

But how do you maintain your scalp and hair??

My cleansing and moisturizing regimen consists of two – yes two products – and I’m done in about 30 minutes.

Oh, and I seal my hair too, which is why my braid pattern is unique. I don’t sew anything down and it’s easy for me to reach the ends of my hair on crochet braid shampoo day. I believe in doing what works best for ME.

Watch this video to find out how I shampoo my hair while wearing crochet braids and get the scoop on my braid pattern:


You don’t have to sacrifice your hair care when you’re wearing a protective style. My hair is fine and type 4, so I can’t half-step…ever.

I hope this inspires you to do what works for you when it comes to your natural hair care, share this with a curlfriend so they can step their game up too 🙂

To Your Beauty,