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{VIDEO} Protective Style Remix: Reusing Havana Mambo Twists

Y’all know I’m all about saving my coins…..

The moment I purchased that Havana mambo twists and talked about my install  in this video, I knew I would be reusing this hair. After wearing them for about 10 weeks, I carefully removed them and stored them in my closet to be used later.

Later is here and I’ve reinstalled this same hair in what I like to call a protective style remix. After soaking the twists in a mixture of gentle shampoo, ACV and warm water to remove any reside from my previous install, I allowed the twists to dry completely and reinstalled them in my hair.

I did say the new style was a remix, right? Check out this video to see what I did to the hair to get a different look the second time around:


Hair extensions can be pretty expensive, and I don’t want you throwing your hard-earned money away. If it’s possible for you to reuse some hair, do it!

Your wallet will thank you 🙂

To Your Beauty,