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Wanna Sell T-Shirts? Don’t Make THIS Mistake

Many may not be aware of this, but The Confetti Collective started out as “just” a natural hair blog. It was out of frustration from not having resources, information and a community that this platform began.

Once I decided that I was going to make this a legitimate business I knew that I needed a product. Since I was now in this dry (literally and figuratively) area of southern Arizona and I wasn’t aware of anybody selling fashion-forward, trendy            t-shirts I knew that there was room in the market for the products I wanted to provide.

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So I went out…in search of a t-shirt printer. Here’s what I knew:

  • I wanted to work with somebody local
  • I didn’t want to sell shirts that were boxy in style and made of scratchy material

Here’s what I didn’t know:

  • The various graphic application processes out there
  • The t-shirt manufacturer/brand that I wanted to use

In a nutshell I knew what I wanted but I felt the being new in the t-shirt industry I didn’t have enough knowledge about the inner workings to express what I wanted in detail. I was SO excited that when I found a printer that I jived with I moved forward with my first order and went with their recommendation on brand and application process. (the part I didn’t know..)

Enter the revelation of a mistake…..

I wasn’t 100% pleased with the first batch of shirts, so I pretty much gave them away. Remember the what I knew/what I didn’t know lists? That first batch of shirts was a gut punch that reminded me that I didn’t have the luxury of not knowing…I had to **learn EVERYTHING I could about what I didn’t know**! If I didn’t it would continue to cost me, and I wasn’t willing to pay those prices.

From that point on (more than 2 years ago) I made it my business to research, learn, absorb, ask questions about everything I could related to the t-shirt business. By the time we launched the BYOB Collection I had sampled, experimented, fluffed and folded more shirts than I could count, and I knew EXACTLY what and how I wanted to deliver to my customers.

In case you missed it, that’s the key takeaway…before you dive head first into selling t-shirts (or whatever), educate yourself about every aspect of the process. Not so that you can do it yourself, but so you can go to your vendors and let them know exactly what you want so you can offer your customers the level of quality that you desire.

I actually go through this process every time I add a new style to the shop, and while it seems like it takes forever in this instant gratification generation, it is SO worth it when customers rave about how their tops make them feel, figuratively and literally 🙂