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What Goes With This?? Fashion Advice Awaits!

We’re excited to introduce you to a new online platform that is perfect for these instances where you buy a pair of shoes, purse, or top out of sheer delight at its fashion wonderfulness, only to get home and realize that you have NOTHING to wear with it and have no clue where to start shopping.

What Goes With This is a fashion advice-giving community where you can upload photos of those hard-to-style items in your closet for help creating the look you want. Haven’t you heard that shopping is better with friends? Well now you have more stylish BFFs than you can shake a stick at, and they’re willing to help you find your style!

What’s even better is that the conversation works both ways, you can ask the community for help as well as offer help to anyone that needs it,  and the completed looks include the ‘Where to Buy’ info!

Check out a few looks that you can rock from day to night to weekends, and in between:


Be sure to check out What Goes With This and go shopping with your virtual fashionable friends!