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What I’ve Learned About Balance Since Starting a Blog

Let’s face it, life pulls us in a bajillion different directions and can really be overwhelming, exhausting, frustrating and maddening sometimes. Since beginning my first blog back in 2011 for my event planning business I have experienced the bipolar roller coaster of posting 3-5 times per week, to absolutely nothing for more than a month.



Building and running a successful blog isn’t easy, you’re going to have to put in the WORK to attract readers and get your message to the world. Throw in family responsibilities, a full-time job or the day-to-day operations of the business that your blog supports and you’re talking about late nights, early mornings and snatching time in between.

What I’ve learned about balance since starting a blog is this: there is no “perfect” balance.

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There has not been a day (at least not for me) that I’ve been able to give equal attention to my family, the business, the blog and other responsibilities.

Therefore, I get it in where it fits in and don’t obsess about the rest. For example, on Sundays after church I plan content for the week. I try to get at least one post written if I can squeeze it in before dinner. If not, oh well! I get busy on Monday and usually knock out 2 posts that day.

Over the course of the week I may find myself getting ahead or falling behind but as long as I get all of the planned posts out before Sunday rolls around again I’m good!!!

These days my goal is two posts per week; any more than that is icing on the cake…and I like icing a LOT :-).

The key to achieving life-blog balance is finding what works for YOU; get out of the comparison trap and create your own rhythm.

The key to achieving life-blog balance is finding what works for YOU. Click To Tweet

Whether your balance looks like this:


Or this:


Find whatever works best for you and get it done! The world is waiting for your awesome content!!!

Let’s find our balance while we take care of business,


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