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What Nobody Wants You to Know About Marley Crochet Braids – Pt. 2

Who else is in a love affair with crochet braids? Not that they’re new on the scene, but with the plethora of hair that’s available (choices increasing everyday) it’s safe to say that this style is here to stay in the natural hair community.

With the popularity of the first “What Nobody Wants You to Know About Marley Crochet Braids post (check it out here), it’s clear that the naturalista family wants more, and we’re happy to oblige…

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Pay attention to spacing. When using marley hair, don’t forget it e-x-p-a-n-d-s. Resist the urge to install your extensions directly next to each other, a finger width apart is perfect. Otherwise you might end up looking like the Cowardly Lion from “The Wiz”….

Split the strands to save $$$. We’ve already established that marley hair expands right? Well that can work in your favor by saving you some cash. Some naturalistas opt to use the precurled or pre-twisted hair, but if you take the time to split each section prior to installing, you’ll achieve a full look with less hair. #winning

Split the strands for longer wear. Is it easier to knot one strand or three? Chances are some of the strands in your package of marley hair are NOT all the same width. So, in order make sure your knots are secure and will last, split the larger, wider strands in half before installing. You’ll end up using less hair and you won’t have to double or triple knot.

Braid brilliantly. Don’t feel like you have to cornrow your hair in the straight back pattern. Plan your braids according to the way you plan to wear your hair. Mo has been known for doing a horizontal braid across the front edge and nape area  to ease the tension in her nape area AND create a “coming from the scalp” look in the front and back.


Crochet braids are the perfect protective style (speaking of, have you check out the 6-Month Challenge? Exclusive videos and emails delivered right to you, sign up here). Versatile, fierce and attention-getting…just like you 🙂