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What Nobody Wants You to Know about Marley Crochet Braids

Everybody and their curlfriend is on the crochet braids bandwagon. It’s amazing how a little ingenuity like switching the kind of hair being used can transform a hairstyle that faded into near-oblivion many years ago into a trendy, so fabulous hairdo.

BUT, there are two sides to every ‘do…

Here’s what nobody wants you to know about marley crochet braids………

1. It’s easy to go overboard during your install – I know what it’s like: you’re are so amped to be finally getting this style and you want to make sure you have a nice, full ‘do so you start out covering every single inch of your cornrows with hair….and by the time you’re done you look like a sheep dog.

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During my install I staggered the hair as I went across each row, and I left almost two fingers-width space in between in the back. Don’t worry, the hair on top will cover the spaces and you won’t have more hair than you want to deal with.

2. The hair gets bigger and bigger and bigger as the style gets older – piggybacking off #1, whatever method you used to style your marley hair (twists, rods, flexirods), as the hair gets older it will separate and fluff out. If you’re going for the Chaka Kahn look you’ll be in the game, but if you’re not on #TeamBigHair you might want to redip every few days.marley-crochet-braids-header


3. You can still lose your edges – Yes, marley crochet braids are a protective style. Yes, protective styles  “protect” your hair. Yes, they’re easy to maintain. Yes, you can still lose your edges. Wait, what??

If the cornrows underneath are too tight and cause an excessive amount of tension on your edges you risk traction alopecia, which can cause permanent scarring to hair follicles. Also the marley hair itself is coarse and constant rubbing against you edges could lead to breakage. (I massage my edges with oil daily to prevent this)

4. You may develop “Big Hair, Snag and Snare” syndrome – Since having this hair in I have to make wide turns in certain spaces, be extra  careful when loading/unloading the dishwasher, I’ve lost my earpiece several times during phone calls and a few earring backs are still missing. Marley hair is tangly. Be prepared for the natural tendencies to come out if you get too close to anything with a sharp edge, you might get yanked back by a strand or two.

So, now that you are armed with this information you can approach your next marley crochet install with a well-rounded idea of what you’re getting into. Curlfriends gotta look out for each other, ya know??

NOTE: I used leftover Cuban twist hair and Noir marley hair mixed together, about 4 packs total.

Is a marley crochet braid install in your future? Connect with me  on Twitter or IG and let me see the finished product!




5 thoughts on “What Nobody Wants You to Know about Marley Crochet Braids

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  2. Great article. I’m experiencing this now. Thank you for this info.

    1. Thank you for reading, if you have any questions let me know!

  3. I got my crochet twist 4 days ago and my head is still hurting really bad . any suggestions ?

    1. Four days is a long time for you to still be in pain…if your braids are too tight try steaming your hair (get in the shower with no cap or wrap your head with a warm towel to help them loosen up a bit. If it’s not the braids check to see if your scalp is irritated. If it is you may be having a reaction to the hair and you’ll need to take it out.

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