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When Protective Styling Isn’t Protective

Protective styling is probably the ONE thing in natural hair care that is included in every naturalista’s regimen. Regardless of curl type, length or texture we all enjoy tucking our hair away for a bit, don’t we?

However, even though you’re not styling your hair every day, you do have to maintain it while in a protective style, otherwise it’s not really protective. Are you guilty of these protective style no-nos?


You don’t moisturize your hair underneath. What is the point of a protective style? To allow your natural hair to grow and flourish undisturbed, right? Well, hair that is unmoisturized (AKA dry) doesn’t grow, it breaks off. Ensure that your moisturizing and sealing your hair regularly.

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You don’t massage your scalp. Regular scalp massages are essential for a healthy scalp, and especially when rocking a protective style. It helps to increase blood flow to your scalp and strengthen your roots. Check out this blog post to read more.

You don’t oil your scalp. Who likes having a dry scalp?? Piggybacking off the massage tip, oiling your scalp helps combat dandruff and flaky scalp, adds a healthy sheen to your hair and promotes growth.

You don’t clean your scalp. Just because you’re not “properly” shampooing your hair while it’s in a protective style, that doesn’t mean you should skip cleaning your scalp. If you can reach your scalp, you should definitely keep it clean, especially if you rock your style for more than 4 weeks at a time.

Not sure where to start with product selection to maintain your hair? Check out this video to see Mo’s favorite products to clean and moisturize with protective styling.

You don’t take your style down soon enough. Okay, it’s easy to get caught up in not fiddling with your hair every day, but leaving your protective style in for too long can lead to tangled/locked hair, breakage, clogged follicles and product buildup.

The “best” amount of time to wear a protective style varies from person to person, BUT 8-10 weeks is pretty standard. Your hair will tell you what works and what doesn’t, just pay close attention.

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