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Why #BYOB Matters…in Real Life and on TV

What made you come up with BYOB??

When I get asked this question I have to choose my word carefully when responding. I always want to say, “didn’t you have a time in your life when you felt “less than” because you were too short/too tall/ nose was to small/fingers too long??? BYOB is my clap back to everybody that ever made me feel “some type of way” about who I was/am as a person.

Art imitated life in an episode of “Being Mary Jane”, where MJ found herself stuck in the house, natural hair in all its awesome glory, scared to go to work because she’d taken her weave out and her hairstylist cancelled her appointment.

Screen Shot 2015-03-29 at 1.58.49 PM

I know what you’re thinking, Why didn’t she just go to work???

During the scene where Mary Jane is getting her hair done by her niece she has a moment of vulnerability and confides in her:




BYOB is not a catch phrase, a slick remix of “bring your own ___”, it’s a state of mind, a self-awareness and acceptance that radiates from the inside.

It’s more than a message on a shirt, its a bold statement that external beauty standards do not apply – the unique “born this way” beauty we have is ALL that matters. God don’t make no junk…..

Nobody has the right to make you (or a TV character) feel like anything less than the beauty you are, and as long as your hair doesn’t interfere with you handling your business it should be all good.

BUT, that’s not the world we live in. We live in a world that will eat us alive if we allow it. A world that tells us that we’re less than if we don’t look a certain way. We have to make a conscious effort to fill our own cups; we have to know inside that we are enough.

Don’t buy into the BS that you need to add extras to your hair, face, body, whatever in order to be beautiful.

Be Your Own Beautiful.


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