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Why Tailoring Needs to be Your Secret Fashion Ingredient

It’s happened to the best of us: you see the perfect dress/top/jacket/pants for your upcoming event, there is only one left in your size, AND it’s on clearance. SCORE!

No need to make the trek to the fitting room, you’re familiar with the way clothes from this store fit, (besides, you’re about the same size as the mannequin, and she looks fabulous…) you know it’s going to be perfect.


The hem is too long, your brassiere is peeking out of the top, you have the peek a boo button gap or you look like you have pillows tied around your midsection.



While they probably can’t create world peace, a good tailor can definitely help you get along with your clothes. No more tugging, yanking or snatching to force a good fit. Here’s why your “secret fashion ingredient” needs to be a tailor:




Hemming – pant legs and skirt hems that are too long can make one look like a schlumpadinka. The proper length can make legs look longer (who doesn’t want that?).

Pinning – we’re not talking about Pinterest, pinning tops in the right places can highlight curves, cover up problem areas and make you look thinner

Cuff – your tailor can dump the “dumpiness” of sleeves that are too long by cuffing/folding and even  adding a little bling for a different look

Belt – to achieve an hourglass silhouette your tailor can add a belt using fabric that matches or accentuates your top, or can use a scarf or belt to show off your curves

A little nip and tuck on any garment can elevate the style and give it a custom-made, polished  look. All you need to do is find a to help you learn how your clothes should fit on your body type.

Remember to wash and dry any garments that are known to shrink first. You may reduce, or eliminate the amount of tailoring required.

Do you have a trusted tailor to help you look fabulous in your clothes? Don’t keep them all to yourself, tell us who they are!