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You Haven’t Lost Your Superpowers

“I went into hyper work out mode for a month! Then I suffered a mild heart attack…To say that I have stress in my life is an understatement. The doctors said there is nothing PHYSICALLY wrong with me, but I needed to reduce my stress. After that, I went into a slump. I felt as if I’d lost all of my super powers.

After help from people around me, I learned to let go of things and take time to myself more often. 

Then I remembered your shirt and how I wanted to do the photo shoot. I fretted over my lack of muscle definition. This time, I skipped the gym and stuck to my kettle bells and a push-ups each day and accepted “my own beautiful”.

This was a message I received from one of our customers….if there was EVER a question about why we talk about #BYOB, the movement, the message, the shirts, THIS IS WHY WE DO IT.


I’ve said from day one that I wanted “something” that was going to give women a sense of empowerment and love of their naturally beautiful selves.

Messages like these that warm my heart like nothing else…

In my reply I encouraged this beauty to embrace that she wasn’t the same person she once was, instead she was a wiser, more experienced, more awesomely powerful version of her previous self.

The beauty of you today isn’t like the beauty of you yesterday or last week; you are constantly growing and evolving into more beautiful edition of you.

The beauty of you today isn't like the beauty of you from yesterday or last week, you evolve into new levels of beauty daily. Click To Tweet

You haven’t lost your superpowers, you just haven’t discovered your new ones yet.

Be Your Own Beautiful,