Do you want to learn how to transform your thoughts, create balance in your life, take charge of your feelings and overcome self-doubt?

I believe that confidence is rooted in identity. When you belong to yourself and fully accept that woman, you can move through your life with a sense of confidence and satisfaction with yourself that is unshakeable.

Except negative self-talk, limiting beliefs and mistakes from our past can hinder us from creating the Big, Beautiful lives that we desire.

Perhaps you’ve tried to work through these challenges on your own, but you end up frustrated, confused and hopeless.

You’re not broken. You just need the right support.

One-on-one Confidence Coaching will help you learn how to:

  • Develop the #1 core belief that unlocks genuine confidence
  • Set goals that turn you on (so you won’t cheat on them)
  • Stop sabotaging yourself and procrastinating on your goals
  • Stop letting fear hold you back
  • Take charge of your future
  • Cultivate your support circle
  • Develop a confident perspective
  • Turn challenges into the fuel that ignites your life

Call me your Audacity Activator – I’m here to support you in developing your confident mindset, break through what’s holding you back and take up space in your life.

I would love to support you. Click below to set up your Confidence Clarity Call so we can discuss your needs.

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I sought out this type of coaching to help me work through my issues with confidence and “not feeling worthy”. It was also important to me to be able to convey feeling that I do belong in a professional environment. I believe the coaching did help with this, the biggest change for me was being able to identify moments when I am the one bringing myself down. I was surprised how easily I could pick out the negative talk when looking at it from someone else’s view. The biggest insight was that my self-talk is strong, and it can really make or break me!

 – Emily W.

When I first was led to Mo for Confidence Coaching, I was tired of being stagnant. I was hoping to learn to trust again so that I could confidently and boldly do what God has called me to do instead of allowing self-doubt and fear to hold me back. Before and after each session, I moved forward in faith doing things I never would have done without the grace, wisdom, and resources God instilled into Mo to share with me directly in each session. I really benefited from the ability to walk through the actual thoughts and fears within each session that was hindering me while Mo helped me to re-frame the way I was thinking about things. Her perspective really allowed me to see that a simple shift in my perspective would remove the blocks previously blinding me to offer the wisdom God’s been trying to give to me the entire time. 

-Shani J.



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